Cherokee Scrubs different brand names
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Cherokee Scrubs different brand names
By Joy B.
7/12/2007 1:29:00 PM

Cherokee Uniforms offers many different nursing scrubs for healthcare professionals. By purchasing your nurse uniforms with Cherokee Uniforms you are able to shop many different brands of nursing uniforms and scrubs.  Cherokee Uniforms makes top quality medical scrubs under different name brands depending on the style of scrubs they are designed for.  One of the main criteria for naming scrubs different names under the same manufacturer name like Cherokee Uniforms is to separate the different designs in styling and fit for the many different types of bodies that need to buy medical scrubs.  Not all humans are created with the same body shape.  In order to make sure all Nurses have options of medical scrubs and nursing uniforms Cherokee Uniforms created the different brand names.

Cherokee Uniforms original scrubs made for medical and healthcare related occupations are designed for the typical and most common fit, thus they can wardrobe the largest population of workers in the need for nursing uniforms.  Sizes range from XS to 5XL. Cherokee Uniforms created the fit for XS to XL, then a fit for 2XL to 5XL.  As we know body shapes are different, so Cherokee Uniforms designed the fit of their nursing uniforms to accommodate individuals when they move into the “Women’s Fit” size range that is 2XL to 5XL.  They designed the XS to XL with the “Missy Fit” sizing range that is most common to today’s body shapes.

Cherokee Uniforms also created the Unisex Fit to respond to the increasing demand of males going into the healthcare occupation field.  The Unisex Scrubs made by Cherokee Uniforms is oversized from the scrubs made for the Missy fit for Women.  By calling the category of scrubs “Unisex Scrubs” Cherokee Uniforms is saying that this styling can fit both men and women that need comfortable nursing scrubs. Men can order by their body shape according to the size chart provided by Cherokee Uniforms.  Women can still buy these scrubs with reliability; Cherokee Uniforms provides a Unisex sizing chart conversion.  Most typically women would order the unisex scrubs a size down from the traditional size they would purchase in a straight “Missy Fit”.

Cherokee Uniforms also manufactures the name brand Studio Scrubs, the Junior Fit line of Scrubs for the women who fits better into the Junior Fit design.  Studio Scrubs are nurse uniforms designed for the women on the go that wants a more fashion designed nurses scrubs that can be worn for work and then after work and still look fashionable good.  Cherokee Scrubs has a fitting chart for the Junior Fit designed line Studio Scrubs.  The scrubs are designed to fit like retail sizing Junior 0/1 for XS, 3/5 for Small, etc.  For Women who know the fit of a properly designed Junior fit in retail, this would be the nursing scrubs line for them.  As stated before, Junior Fit is not for everybody. It is a line designed with curves and shape for a trimmer neat fit.  The scrub tops are designed with curves and tucks to give the shape more curve and tailoring.  The pants are designed for a closer fashionable fit, not loose like most standard scrubs are designed for.  Most of us understand that we Nurses and healthcare professionals are very busy and probably have to go straight from work to run errands, pick up the kids, go to the grocery store, etc.  The Studio Scrubs line is designed for you to look good while you do these things outside of your office.  The Studio Scrubs designed nursing uniforms line lets you still look like a professional nurse in your office and out.  For women who want to look young and fashionable no matter your age, choose the Studio Scrubs line of nursing uniforms.  If you then want to coordinate your Studio Scrubs uniform with other Cherokee Uniforms you can. Why?  Cherokee Uniforms makes the Studio Uniforms Scrubs.  Because of this all the colors of Cherokee Scrubs matches the colors of Studio Scrubs. Cherokee Uniforms uses the same color tone to manufacture the scrubs for both the Cherokee Scrubs and the Studio Scrubs line.  You can order a low rise drawstring pant and crossover top from Studio Scrubs, and a warm-up jacket and another print top from Cherokee Scrubs, and all the colors will coordinate perfectly.

Cherokee Uniforms also manufactures the nursing scrubs line Workwear. Cherokee Workwear Scrubs is a cost effective medical scrubs line designed for the cost conscience shopper, while still giving the quality of product that is needed for the performance of the scrubs. Cherokee Workwear Scrubs can coordinate with Cherokee Scrubs and Cherokee Studio Scrubs.  Colors will be named the same if they can be matched together, and prints will be coordinated across all style lines.   

For all the body shapes, fashions and styling, CherokeeUniforms makes many Nursing Scrubs for you to choose from depending on your own personal taste and needs.


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